Saturday, September 19, 2015

The most dedicated Jaguars fan is this guy

A bet is a bet, and this is one dedicated fan.

H/T: Big Cat Country

Monday, September 14, 2015

I hate this schedule

The Jaguars' early schedule is tough. There's no way around it. Following their loss to the Panthers, the Jaguars one more real shot at a win before week 5 (a slam dunk against the Buccaneers...I think).

Next week the Jags face the Dolphins, which isn't an easy game. Yeah, I hate this schedule. Following the Dolphins game, the Jaguars go on the road three weeks in a row against the Patriots, Colts and finally the slam dunk game.

The good news is simple. The Jaguars get some better match-ups after week 4. Anyway, here's the updated (and already messed up) season prediction.

Edit: Yeah, I know I didn't update the result column at the bottom. Deal with it.