Saturday, September 12, 2015

New season, old blog. Let's talk about expectations

Ah the 2015 NFL season is upon us. Blah blah blah. There's a solid chance you read some of my Jaguars work once upon a time back on Big Cat Country, The Jaggernaut or maybe even This Given Sunday. So without boring you, I'm back at my first blog because I'm writing as a hobby. That also means I don't care if you like it or not. So, what should you expect? Opinions? Check. Sporadic writing? Yep. Fun? Only if Jacksonville is winning.

In seriousness, let's talk about the Jaguars going into year two of Blake Bortles' career and year three of the Caldwell, Bradley regime.

First off, the Jaguars have what I believe is a more manageable schedule heading into week 1. Sure, there are still a pair of Colts games to look forward to on top of games against the Patriots, Ravens and Saints, but there's balance too. The Jaguars get two games each against the Titans (who may have one of the worst overall rosters in the league) and the Texans (starting Brian Hoyer at QB?). The Jags also see juggernauts like the Jets and Bucs this season.

If what we saw during the preseason is any indication about what to expect tomorrow, we could be in for some fun (finally) on offense. Unfortunately, I'm not as optimistic about the defense. Let's start in the funzone though.

The offensive unit, provided it can get any sort of a running game going, should get better week in and week out as some injuries clear themselves up. Julius Thomas will be a big addition when he gets back on the field, but until then, it'll fall more on the actual wide receivers and Bortles than anyone else. Here's to hoping Marcedes Lewis can step up in the meantime.

Defensively it's all about the guys up front. Can they stop the run? Can they get any sort of pass rush without throwing the farm at the opposing line? All questions we don't have answers to, and don't let anyone fool you. No one will know for another 15 hours (as of the time of writing this).

Considering that I'm not a psychic, it seems stupid to make any sort of predictions this year, but I'm going to just for the sake of having fun and speculating like I'm a pundit on (insert-your-favorite-news-network-to-hate-here).

Hey, we're all optimistic in the beginning....right?

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