Saturday, February 18, 2012

Aaron Kampman likely out in 2012

One of the most likable guys on the Jaguars' roster won't be with the team much longer. You can take that to the bank.

Aaron Kampman is coming off another injury shortened year for the Jacksonville Jaguars after, by all accounts, doing everything he could to get back on the field and stay there. The problem isn't a lack of work ethic, lack of drive, or any other problem that involves the word "lack." The problem is that he's not on the field, and he's becoming very expensive.

Kampman is set to make $4.975 million in 2012, a number I can't imagine the Jaguars paying him considering there's nothing resembling a guarantee that he'll be on the field. He's just too expensive to keep around, and considering that he's been sidelined primarily by knee injuries, he's become a financial liability for the team.

If and when the Jaguars do cut ties with Aaron Kampman, it won't be because he didn't give the team enough effort. Let's be clear about that. This is a standup guy that got a bad deal on the injury front. I don't think there'll be any hard feelings between the two sides when the time comes to let him go. The decision to cut Kampman will be a business decision plain and simple. I'd like to be among the first in wishing Aaron Kampman the best of luck with whatever he does after he's cut by the Jaguars.

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