Friday, June 10, 2011

Jaguars, Rams Staying Put

Tim Leiweke, president of the investment group AEG, has said that he's talked to five NFL teams about the purchase of majority ownership and moving that team to L.A.
"St. Louis, Jacksonville -- not extensively -- certainly Oakland, San Diego, Minnesota are still in the mix,"
Leiweke seems to imply that the Rams and the Jaguars talks haven't netted anything promising. The Vikings would seem to be the odds on favorite as they still don't have a deal with Minneapolis to get a new stadium.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In case you missed the news at, I'm heading to Michigan today, so; no writing. We'll get back to it tomorrow. Have a great day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

More on the 8 Game Schedule

Paul Kuharsky at ESPN's AFC South Blog took a look at the games that each team of the AFCS would miss should the season be delayed 4 weeks. With the news of a potential 8 game season, let's look at the Jaguars first 8 games.
  1. vs. Tennessee Titans
  2. at New York Jets
  3. at Carolina Panthers
  4. vs. New Orleans Saints
  5. vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  6. at Pittsburgh Steelers
  7. vs. Baltimore Ravens
  8. at Houston Texans

Good News, Bad News; 8 Game Season

Earlier today, Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal reported that the NFL is planning for a season as short as 8 games. Since this is one of the few stories coming out of the NFL, we're going to blow it up into a full-sized article. Here's the condensed version though. Pros: We get an NFL season that includes playoffs and a Super Bowl. Cons: We get a shortened season because the NFL and NFLPA* can't decide how to divide 9 billion dollars.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

In case you missed the tweets, Jags All Day has a lot of new features. To your right, there are four buttons (Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, and RSS), we now have a new comments system, and we have a brand new layout.

2011 Jaguars Have Intriguing Story Lines

First off, let me say I'm glad to be back writing at Jags All Day. It's been awhile, but it should be fun. Now, to those story lines I spoke of.

The most obvious story coming out of Jacksonville will be the competition between incombant quarterback David Garrard and rookie draftee Blaine Gabbert. Now, I fully expect David Garrard to be the starter when the season starts, but what if Garrard struggles as he did at the beginning of last season? Last year, I thought the Jaguars would've started Luke McCown, but he was injured the same game Garrard was pulled, leaving no thoughts of quarterback controversy.

In Case You Noticed

If this isn't your first time to the site, you may have noticed that the layout has changed. I'm working on getting Jags All Day going again. I've been working hard to get AFC South Daily off the ground, and I think I've accomplished that, so; I can get this blog moving forward. There isn't much news to speak of since the draft, but if a new CBA gets done in the near future, we may have something to talk about.