Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jaguars Across the Web

Ok, it's the weekend. Here's some links to keep you going for a little while.

Adam Stites wonders if age is just a number.

Friday, March 25, 2011

League Releases Compensatory Picks

The NFL has announced the compensatory draft picks awarded for the 2011 NFL draft. The Jaguars didn't receive any picks, but you can look at the complete list here.

Optimum Scouting 2011 Draft Guide

I feel as if I've done an okay job covering this year's Jaguars prospects, but if you want a very very deep look into all of the prospects this year, go get the Optimum Scouting 2011 Draft Guide. It costs $20, but this thing is massive and very detailed. For more information go here. You can also visit for further draft details. I HIGHLY recommend this guide.

Pete Prisco's Odd Pick

In an interview on the NFL Network, Pete Prisco, senior NFL writer on, said that he thinks the Jaguars should take a quarterback with the 16th pick. Find out what he thought about the Jaguars' current quarterback conundrum.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey guys, I took a breather today due to a very busy schedule. I'll get back to it tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I was sent the link to this site from a friend, and it's fantastic for anyone looking to learn more about NFL draft prospects. When you get the chance check out

The Jaguars Have Options

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be picking 16th this year in the draft. While this isn't the best year for drafting in the first have of the 1st round, the Jaguars do have a number of directions that they could got with their pick.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jaguars Across the Web

A lot has happened today, and if you missed it; this should get you up to speed:

Jason La Canfora reports that kickoff rules will be different in 2011.

Kickoff Proposal Passes is reporting that the proposed rules changes that would apply to kickoffs have indeed passed. Also, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is reporting that the committee has also voted to extend booth challenges to include all scoring plays. A coach will still have the potential to challenge up to 3 plays as has been the rule for awhile now.

Update: ESPN is reporting that the kickoffs are being moved to the 35 yard line from the 30, but touchbacks will still only go out to the 20 yard line. Teams will still be able to use 2-man wedges for returns.

Jaguars Draft Prospects - Jeron Johnson

I saw via that Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Reports has learned that Boise State safety, Jeron Johnson, is scheduled to meet with the Jaguars. As this is a new prospect, I'll add it to the list of those covered.

Jaguars Draft Prospects - Justin Houston

Since my prospects list seems to lack linebackers, we'll continue with another OLB, although like many; he could be moved to DE if he's drafted by the right team.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kickoff Changes May be Losing Steam

Mike Reiss of asked Bill Belichick about the proposed changes to kickoffs, and Belichick was not in favor saying, "I don’t like idea of eliminating the kickoff from the game." As usual, Belichick was short with his answer, but he got his point across. SI's Don Banks talked to one NFL coach, and he said, "Anything that limits the damage he [Devon Hester] could do I should probably be in favor of. But I’m not. It’s not a little change. It changes the game too much. It’s not a tweak. It’s a significant change."

Jaguars Draft Prospects - Lawrence Wilson

Aaron Wilson of the "National Football Post" is reporting that Connecticut linebacker, Lawrence Wilson, is scheduled to visit the Jags, Broncos, and Eagles. As I have failed to highlight any true linebackers this off-season, I thought it would be good to take a look at Wilson.

Jaguars Draft Prospects - Tyrod Taylor

I was a little surprised when, over the weekend, a friend mentioned that the Jaguars may have some interest in QB Tyrod Taylor. On that basis, I think it's important that we take a look.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

NFL is Ready to Resume Negotiations

Jeff Pash has released a letter calling for negotiations between the NFLPA and the NFL to resume. Pash said, "If Mike will let us know when and where he and his colleagues would like to meet, we will be there. We are ready." This is indeed good news, and I'll continue to keep an eye on the situation. It's unclear whether the NFLPA is ready to resume negotiations at this point, but it is a nice change in rhetoric from the traditional "they're wrong, and we're right" type of talk.

Jaguars Draft Prospects - J.J. Watt

Today, we look at another potential defensive lineman that the Jaguars may have a chance to draft. This is another guy that could likely be picked at 16 if he were to drop that far.