Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jaguars' Play Calling

I've always liked listening to fans that know more about the game than the coaches. Now, it's my turn to take a crack play calling.

The Jaguars' offense in 2010 achieved much of what it set out to do. It carried the team most of the year. Maurice Jones-Drew was no small part of that. He cranked out 1,324 yards in 2010, giving him an average of 94.6 yards per game. That was good for second in the NFL.

Davide Garrard doesn't get enough credit for his body of work. He threw for 23 touchdowns and just 15 interceptions, and many of those picks came early in the season. For comparison's sake, Jay Cutler threw for 23 touchdowns and 16 interceptions, and Cutler was playing in January for a chance to move on to the Super Bowl. Garrard put up a 90.8 passer rating, which earned him the 13th best rating in the league.

Now we can move to the play calling. The Jaguars were often predictable in the early part of drives. Often, the Jags led off with 2 runs, an incomplete pass, and a punt. Many people criticized offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter for the lack of consistency, but let's face it, this is a young team that's still improving.

Frankly, I like the way Koetter called the Jaguars' offense in 2010. I'm also secretly grateful that the Broncos didn't hire him as their new head coach, because; I really like what he's done with the offense. I said I would take a crack at play calling so here it is; let's do more of the same. The Jaguars have great needs on the defensive side of the ball. The offense needs to keep producing points, and the defense will have to step up in 2011, but; there is no reason that the Jaguars need to take on a new offensive identity just to appease fans.

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